Reengineered Cosmetology

Salon64 is a pioneer in cosmetology and a social hub for the 21st century trendsetter, a flexible space where patrons can meet, retreat, work and enjoy a host of styling and pampering services in a home away from home experience.

The art of conversation

The hairdresser’s art is the art of conversation, his genius to tease out his client’s thoughts, needs and desires and weave them into a picture of who she or he is. Salon 64 is an experiential space that maintains a conversation with its clients and responds to their individual needs — their lifestyles, their ideas, their desires — in unprecedented ways. A third place, equally public and private, it is whatever its users wish it to be, empowering them to become what they wish to become.

The space itself is conversational, its interior thoughtfully curated to facilitate exchange and nurture relationships. Rich and varied content — about art, fashion, ideas — provides stimulus and escape. We arrive eager with a sense of discovery, and leave inspired, ready to tell the world.