Salon 64| London hair and beauty salon | Luxury Hair Salon

The art of conversation

A revolutionary salon concept has opened in Soho: SALON64. Created by top London hair stylist Ricky Walters, SALON64 is a dynamic and flexible social hub as well as a high-end luxury destination.

Set over two floors and encompassing 2000 square feet, the design inspires the art of conversation through transformative spaces. The opulent interior features oversized herringbone floors, a regal blue colour scheme combines with pops of royal raspberry, styled concrete against opulent marble and golden detailing with a modern take on the roman numerals 64. The SALON64 theme is reflected throughout the space in tapestry and prints.

Located in London’s Soho, the unique design concept nods to history of the area – a long established entertainment and fashion district and once known as the French Quarter of London. By transforming the original French salon into the modern age, SALON64 is changing the hair & beauty experience for the future.

The space is designed to be highly tailored to the individual customer and trendsetter. It is tuned in to what each person wants in the moment, a home from home, which allows them to be exactly who they are and what they need in the context of socialising, working or cosmetology treatments.